When Zig becomes Zag



By the time you read this, I will be gone.

Gone where? No, not from this Planet, although maybe just for a bit. Don’t panic. I’m not committing suicide. But I’ll be gone on a journey into another dimension…and I will return. But I guess like any journey, we’re never the same at the end as we are at the beginning.

If this is sounding a bit too esoteric for you, let me explain.

One of the principles I live my life by is “Zig Zag”. My beautiful mentor has instilled into me the importance of living life as a zig zag, not as a straight line. When we head in a straight line, we’re way too predictable. We can zone out, switch off, go onto autopilot, and stumble into the pits and falls that lie in our path.

Zig Zagging happens when we are in the moment, present and awake, and able to listen to life’s nudges. It happens when we don’t hold too strongly to any one outcome, and instead we dance with the winds of the moment, and find the right outcome in that moment.

Because life is a series of moments, isn’t it? 

And in each moment, we are not the person we were in the previous moment. So why would we hold to the dreams and aspirations and pathway of that previous moment, if it’s no longer right in this present moment?

In short, like any true woman (and the woman in any man), I reserve the right to change my mind about anything and everything. My truth in this moment is not the same as my truth in the previous moment.

About 3 months ago, I received the opportunity to travel to Hawaii in April for a special Young Living event. I knew that many of my besties would be there, and I felt sooooo strongly that I needed to be there too. It felt like the perfect time to reconnect with loved ones I’ve missed seeing since lockdowns and travel restrictions began.

So I focussed all of my attention on getting to Hawaii, and jumping through the multiple hoops that would be required. For most of the way, it was easy. Everything fell into place. I watched over my own shoulder, nodding as things evolved, as every piece of the puzzle fell into its perfect position.

“Yes, this is meant to be”, I was telling myself. I was reading the signals of the Universe, so I kept my nose firmly pointed towards Hawaii.

But then, bit by bit, the magnetic energy that was drawing me to Hawaii began to fade. The dream I was working towards became a bit more dim. Life grounded me here with not just one natural disaster, but two.

Two floods. Two major life events. Two shock waves rippling through my community in this past 6 weeks.

What would you do in this situation?

Would you bulldoze towards an outcome that felt 100% right 3 months ago? Or would you listen again, re-attune to the present moment, and feel into what is right, now?

That’s what zig zagging is. It’s reserving the right to change our mind, if something no longer feels right about the path we’ve set for ourselves.

Last week, I was still in a quandary. Do I go to Hawaii? Or stay? The call to Hawaii is still there, but my instincts have been telling me that there are some dark energies around right now, and I need to have my eyes open and stay close to home. The Mumma Bear in me is on high alert. Who wouldn’t be, after two natural disasters in a row?

Then, whilst I was asking Spirit for guidance, an email landed in my inbox. I wasn’t even aware I was on this group’s mailing list, although much later I realised I had indeed put my name down for them. But in that moment, the email felt like a signpost from heaven. 

This email was talking about a week-long course being held this week. The course is based on an Aboriginal healing technique, and is all about how to collapse time and space in order to allow the body and Soul to heal itself.

I listened to the founder and teacher of this course speaking in an interview. He spoke to my Being as he said, “We know that within every rock, within every plant, within every river and within every animal is a Spirit."

"We are not alone in this Universe.”

If you read last month’s trilogy of blogs about Journey Into the Dreaming, When Featherfoot comes Calling and The Pointing of the Bone, you’ll know that my life has been impacted by the Australian Aboriginal culture. There’s something about it that’s in my blood, calling me.

And so when I read about this course, my whole being leapt from my body with a huge YES!!! Within an hour, I was back on the internet checking some more things about Hawaii. I wanted to know for sure that this path was blocked to me. And yes, within an hour I had my answer. I found a missing piece that I’d not previously uncovered, and it confirmed that there was one major obstacle in my path of going to Hawaii, and that obstacle was a deal-breaker for me.

There was my signpost.

In that moment, my zig became a zag. I booked into the Aboriginal Healing course.

So by the time you are reading this, I am gone far, far away. I’m in another city, in another state, possibly even in another dimension, exploring something that’s fascinated me for years….

And who knows who will return from that course? It certainly won ‘t be the “me” that’s writing this now. That me is gone forever, and another me is about to emerge. I can’t wait to meet her, on the other side of eternity. Catch you there!

He’s to life’s amazing twists and turns, and the sign posts that are there for us to see, if only we will open our eyes and receive.

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