An Abundance of Abundance


In my last blog, I talked about the two streams of consciousness – everyday life with all its whirlpools and turbulence, and the second stream of consciousness being that state of “flow”.  

When we’re in flow, there’s a visible synchronicity around everything that unfolds in our life. We can’t help but marvel at how perfectly doors open and close around us, bringing a heightened sense of effortlessness to our life.  

As I explore this for myself, I experience it as a very “yin” space. Less is more. When I stop trying to control every aspect of my life and simply surrender, the things I most need are brought straight to my doorstep.

But to be in “flow” requires one important quality. It requires us to be able to receive in equal quantities to how much we give.

I’ve been in the healing field for over 30 years, and in that time the one thing that’s become very obvious to me is that people who love to give are not always so comfortable with receiving.  

Many healers fall within this category, but it also includes many genuinely kind-hearted people who feel deep compassion for both people and animals in need.  

These people want to make a difference in the world, so they pour themselves into helping others. There is absolutely no fault in this. I wish more people out there would give so generously to others. Yet the problem occurs if these beautiful Souls create a one-way direction in this flow of energy.  

For abundance to come into our life, we need to be able to both give and receive. Otherwise how can it flow towards us, if we are pushing love and kindness out without allowing it to come back?  

So often, I’ve heard these people wonder why their own energy and abundance tanks are low.  

The answer is simple. They are not seeing themselves as being as deserving of love as the people they are giving to.

So how does this imbalance come about?

When we are young, and we don’t feel loved by one or both of our parents, we form a painful and unloving belief about ourselves. We draw the conclusion from the events around us that, “I’m not loveable”, or “I’m not worthy”, or “I’m not enough”, or “The world doesn’t care about me”.  

We all have a little child inside of us, and this child has amazing coping mechanisms. So when he or she feels that lack of love, the next natural step is to wonder how to receive more love. So often, this is achieved through outward behaviour patterns, rather than the inward reflections that would really heal this wound.  

“If I make myself more likeable, then someone will value me,” that little child thinks. And so he or she sets about achieving that.  

Some people try to achieve it by becoming experts in their field, super perfectionists who know more than everyone else around them. Others try to achieve it by becoming expert givers. By focussing on the needs of everyone around them, they seek to be noticed and loved. Underneath this, they are really yearning to be given to in return.

Yet because their “I’m not loveable” script is at play, it works like a negative magnet to repel any hope of the type of love and true connection they are seeking.  

When others do attempt to give to them (whether that’s via a compliment, or any other act of kindness), so often these people with the “I’m not loveable” script simply cannot accept it. They brush off the compliment, or minimise it, or redirect the conversation away from themselves. Or they feel that if someone gives them a gift, they must give a gift in return.  

So as soon as that gift lands in their energy field, they’ve already used their inner tennis racket to send it as far out into the Universe as they can.  

There is no opportunity for them to truly allow this gift of love to “land” into their lap, in a way that they can breathe it in, relish it, and know how loved and loveable they truly are.

This may sound like a very sad story, yet it’s not without hope.

If you identify with this message, if you feel depleted in energy and love and find yourself craving having your own cup filled, then it’s time to bring balance into your giving and receiving cycle.  

I realised the importance of this abundance cycle back in 1998. At the time, I was working as a psychic and healer. I was really good at my craft, yet I found myself struggling financially. This was right around the time that I was writing my book “Earth Song”.

I had this revelation about the importance of being able to receive in equal quantities to giving, in order to allow Abundance to flow in through my door. So I started holding myself accountable when it came to receiving. 

Each week, I’d create a chart that had the days of the week along the top, and down the left it had various tasks for me to complete. 

One of those tasks was to do 3 action steps per day towards my dreams of having an amazing, successful and abundant business. 

Another task was to track what unconditional giving I’d done that day (ie. any way that I’d given without requiring something in return). I wanted to see myself giving with no expectation of return. Therefore sessions where my clients paid me did not count as me giving to them (because there was a balanced energy exchange due to the fee they paid for my care and my services).

My third task was to track where I saw “receiving” happening in my life that day. Again, there could be no monetary exchange, so it didn’t count people who I paid for a service such as a massage. I wanted to see what was given to me each day unconditionally, and without me “trying” to get it. 

Interestingly and not surprisingly, the unconditional giving was a lot easier to “control” than the unconditional receiving. I found that my balance sheet was higher on the giving side than the receiving side.

Yet simply by bringing attention to it, it began to shift.

I empowered this further by adding affirmations into the mix. Each day, I’d spend half an hour writing affirmations of love and abundance. 

And then, just to make it all even more powerful, I did all of this on a huge piece of poster paper, and created a vision board on it. That vision board was magazine cut-outs of all the things I desired in my life – a beautiful home, a wonderful loving relationship, friendships that light my heart up, nature all around me, an abundance of income and ease, great health, and beauty all around me. 

At the end of each week, I’d go out into my back yard and take stock of the week just passed. What were my highlights? What were my learnings? Where had I fallen short on my goals of 3 action steps and giving and receiving? When I’d finished acknowledging all of this, I took a match to that piece of paper. 

As it burst into flames in front of me, I’d let out a gigantic scream of release into the Universe (loud enough to raise the roof off the houses around me). That was my way of building up energy and fire within myself, to allow this transformation to take place. 

And you know what? Bit by bit, money and clients and opportunities began flowing towards me. It was a very time-intensive process, often taking me 3 hours a week, but it worked. If you want to learn more about it, you’ll find it outlined in one of my chapters of Earth Song.

Now, I’ve found an even easier way to help Abundance to flow.

Right around that time that I was creating my own prosperity process, I came across Young Living Essential Oils. It was October 1998, and my second order of essential oils. I looked through the price list, and an oil blend called Abundance jumped out at me. 

When I looked up what it was for, I could see that it was a blend comprising a whole range of single essential oils that the Egyptian Pharaohs used to attract prosperity. 

Hmmm….that sounded like what I needed! 

But as I continued reading, I came across a statement something like this. It said, “If you are using Abundance oil and yet finding things aren’t changing for you, the issue may not be with attracting Abundance. The issue may be with receiving Abundance. In that case, use either Awaken or Acceptance oil in partnership with Abundance.” 

That sounded like very sage advice. I didn’t want to risk only helping one part of the Abundance cycle, so I ordered both Abundance and Awaken oil. Why Awaken over Acceptance? It’s because Awaken is a master blend, comprising 5 other blends. This means it contains within it 5 energies, reflected by these other blends. This is the energy of Present Time, Forgiveness, Harmony, Joy and Dream Catcher. 

I loved the idea of having a Master Blend, and I’ve never regretted it. To this day, Awaken oil goes onto each corner of my pillow virtually every night. Even though it’s called Awaken, it helps me have the best night’s sleep, and incredible, vivid, healing dreams. 

But let me come back to Abundance oil. 

Even though I craved Abundance in my life (to the magnitude of Niagara Falls), I didn’t ever expect that an essential oil could do that for me. So when I purchased this oil, I was expecting to use it more like an affirmation. 

I imagined I’d put it on each day, and that was my way of telling myself I deserved abundance. 

But boy, was I wrong! 

That very first day that I put a drop of Abundance oil on my wrists, 3 surprising things happened. I was planning a weekend course, which at the time cost about $500 per person to attend. That day I had an extra person book into the course. I already had my minimum numbers, so that extra person’s payment was pure profit. 

Next, I went to clear my letter box, and found a cheque in there. This was money owed to me by a client. I had chased her and chased her, and in the end I’d written her off as a bad debt. But here, in my letterbox, was the full amount she owed me! From memory it was well over $1,000. 

And then, I went to purchase something I needed, and found it was on sale, so I saved myself a whole heap of money.

By this stage I was definitely joining the dots. This in-flow of abundance was way beyond synchronicity. Talk about a 40-fold return on investment in just a single day, for the price of one bottle of Abundance oil! 

And in case you’re thinking this might just be a very tall story, I have seen this oil work over and over and over in people’s lives, bringing positive experiences to their doorstep. It can be everything from selling their house for so much more than they expected to receive, to drawing love and romance to themselves, to having opportunities to heal past hurts and relationships, to having new and exciting doorways open in their career. 

I’ve got such respect for this miracle oil that I use it virtually every day, as part of my 7 Oil Ritual. As I put it on my wrists and sweep my wrists over my head, I affirm that I deserve Abundance and I deserve Love….and then I repeat this with even more energy, acknowledging that in fact “I am Abundance” and “I am Love”. 

It's a miracle I’d never want to be without.